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Signage in the China Pavilion reads:</p>
The story of Sun hou-kong, the Monkey King, is an ancient Chinese legend that tells an exciting tale of redemption and enlightenment.</p>
Sun hou-kong, a monkey raised by humans, became the Monkey King when he single-handedly defeated a horrific monster in his homeland.&nbsp; Afterwards, the Monkey King acquired incredible powers when he cleverly uprooted a magic stick guarded by the Dragon King.</p>
With this magic stick and the ability to do just about anything, the Monkey King started to look for adventure and mischief.&nbsp; Buddha was not pleased with this abuse of power and decided to seal the Monkey King inside a mountain for eternity.&nbsp; The Monkey King quickly realized the error of his ways!&nbsp; Fortunately, a monk named Thang Seng believed in the Monkey King&#39;s redemption and asked Buddha to release him.&nbsp; The Monkey King was then asked to join Thang Seng on a journey to India to bring back Buddha&#39;s original teaching texts.</p>
The Monkey King proved to be a loyal comrade to Thang Seng.&nbsp; Like many holiday legends, this heartfelt story sends an important message of hope.</p>