American Heritage Gallery: National Treasures

Walking Tour
A - Diversion


National Treasures is a walking tour that includes a variety of significant artifacts from the history of the United States of America. The artifacts include items from inventors like Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin, astronauts like John Glenn and John Herrington, and Civil Rights activists like Susan B. Anthony and Harriet Beacher Stowe.


Inside the National Treasures exhibit guests can find the following items:

Kinetoscope: Thomas Alva Edison 1912-1923
Edison’s Kinetoscope was a precursor to modern motion pictures. Inside the cabinet a long strip of film with sequential photos moved rapidly over an illuminated shutter giving the illusion of movement. Viewers looked into an eyepiece that was mounted over the shutter to watch the moving images.


While the attraction does not have an official sponsor, a sign inside the exhibit entrance thanks the individuals that helped contribute to the Gallery:

Thank You

Epcot would like to thank the following people and institutions for their gracious loans of objects to this exhibit.

John Glenn Archives at The Ohio State University
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, NASA
National Archives
National Park Service, Frederick Douglas National Historic Site
Susan B. Anthony House
The Henry Ford
The Mark Twain House and Museum
Will Rogers Memorial Museum
John B. Harrington
Senator David K. Inouye


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