Disney Surveys: Fastpass+ Changes and Enhancements


Disney sent out surveys in early March that presented various options for changing the Fastpass+ system. The survey made several assumptions for Attraction availability which can be seen below, and the options involved ways to handle park hopping and additional Fastpass+ reservations.

Likely Attraction Availability on a Day a Guest Visits a Theme Park

Disney Fastpass+ Assumptions for all Options

Option A

Option B

Option C

Additional photos of the survey questions can be found below. Questions included how each option would effect when you arrived at the park, when you would leave the park, how many additional Fastpass+ reservations you would make, and whether it would affect your planning.

There were open ended questions on each option regarding what you liked and disliked about each option and there was also an opportunity to rank the options in preferred order.

Another question focused on Park Hopping and when it should be allowed with regards to Fastpass+:

It seems Disney is concerned with the pre-planning aspects of My Magic+ as another question addressed this issue: