Disney Releases Statement on Disney Skyliner Malfunction


On October 5, 2019 a collision occurred at Disney’s Riviera Resort’s Skyliner station. At roughly 8 PM a blue Skyliner cabin got stuck causing two additional yellow cabins to collide with the blue cabin.

Guests were stuck on the Epcot line for several hours before some were evacuated. Ultimately, at approximately 11 PM the line began moving slowly towards the stations so that guests could disembark. Guests received compensation for the incident and Disney released the following statement related to the malfunction.

We have a team diligently looking into the cause of last night’s malfunction on the Epcot line of the Disney Skyliner. We have been in contact with the guests, many of whom were on the Skyliner for more than three hours until we were able to restart the system. We express our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and continue to work with each guest individually.

The Skyliner has not operated with guests since the incident.