D23 Expo August 9, 2013 – Undiscovered Disneyland Presentation


The Undiscovered Disneyland presentation featured Disney Legend Tony Baxter and fellow Imagineer Josh Shipley. The presentation highlighted attractions that have since been removed from Disneyland and ended with a few surprises. Attractions/areas highlighted include:

  • Holidayland
  • Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland
  • Tom Sawyer's Island
  • Carousel of Progress
  • America Sings


Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland

After highlighting Disneyland, they played a full ride through of the original Journey Into Imagination from Epcot. The ride through featured original concept art integrated with video of the attraction. Following the attraction ride through, they shared video of Tony Baxter in Dream Finder's School of Drama, an activity in the Image Works post show area. Imagineer Joe Rohde played the Dream Finder in this as well.

Journey Into Imagination

Dreamfinder's School of Drama

Finally, at the end of the presentation, head of Parks and Resorts, Tom Staggs came on stage. He played a tribute to Tony Baxter that highlighted many of the attractions he helped create. He then presented him with the news that he would be receiving a window on Main Street U.S.A.

Tony Baxter Tribute

Tom Staggs tells Tony Baxter he's receiving a window on Main Street U.S.A.