D23 Expo August 11, 2013 – Q and A with Imagineers


Imagineers Bruce Vaughn, Joe Rohde, Kathy Mangum, Tom Fitzgerald, Daniel Jue, and Eric Jacobson signed autographs and met with guests on the last day of the D23 Expo. I had the opportunity to speak with each of them, and in some cases, information was revealed.

Joe Rohde

He explained that one of the major hurdles in getting Pandas at the Animal Kingdom is that Disney isn't a non-profit corporation. While the rules and regulations for Pandas are strict to begin with, they're even stricter for profit organizations.

Additionally, during the Craft of Creativity presentation earlier in the day, Joe Rohde said he would fix the yeti, in Expedition Everest but did not have a time frame.

Tom Fitzgerald

Tom Fitzgerald did not deny that additional destinations were possible for Star Tours. He acknowledged that the system was designed in a way that new destinations could be easily added.

Kathy Mangum

When asked if her role in Florida had more to do with Avatar or projects that they can't speak about yet, Kathy said, "the later".