Capacity Increases Potentially Coming to Toy Story Mania and Soarin’


We have been tracking the Soarin' Over the World rumors as well as the possibility of adding a 3rd theater behind the existing two. has reported that work has commenced on the third theater. Conflicting reports on the status have us classifying this as unconfirmed, however user Alektronic has reported that the 3rd theater for Soarin', "Is a go."

The new rumor mentioned by is that Toy Story Mania will also see increased capacity as well. Disney is reportedly considering building a 3rd Toy Story Mania track in the Soundstage 1 building to the left of the current attraction. This would be an attempt to increase attraction capacity to the most popular attraction in that park. The facility is being used from July 5, 2014 through September 1, 2014 as "Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post & Frozen Funland", and has previously been used for temporary merchandise locations. While the reports from are unconfirmed and should be considered "Blue Sky", user Alektronic has confirmed that management has been concerned with capacity at marquee attractions.