Bob Iger Experiences ‘Flying Banshee’ Attraction

187 has reported that Disney CEO, Bob Iger recently experienced the flying banshee attraction that is currently under construction at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

The attraction will be the largest attraction in Pandora: The Land of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The new land is set to open in 2017. Bob Iger experienced a test for the attraction where he had to scale scaffolding in order to experience the "test". While not stated in the article, the assumption is the test was done at an Imagineering facility in California. From the Variety article:

“It felt so real, so lifelike,” Iger said of the prototype vehicle guests will board to travel through the fictional land. “There’s never been anything like it."

The vessels that guests will ride upon will essentially be the banshees themselves, with bodies that move to mimic a breathing beast. The flying sequences will be brought to life through large video screens — similar to “Soarin'” — with vehicles moving with the 3D action inside a massive theater.