Primeval Whirl

Wild Mouse Coaster
C - Major Attraction
Height Requirement
48 inches (122 cm)
Disney Warning
Supervise children at all times.


Primeval Whirl is a spinning wild mouse roller coaster that takes guests through a cartoonized trip back in time to the age of the dinosaurs.


In an attempt to capitalize on the time travel offered over at the Dino Institute, Chester and Hester added a faux time travel component to Primeval Whirl. The story of Primeval Whirl loosely mirrors the story of DINOSAUR with a time travel component, dodging dinosaurs and a trip underneath the jaws of giant carnivorous dinosaur as the attraction’s finale.

The full backstory of Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama can be found on the page for that area of the park. This includes the preceding backstory of Primeval Whirl.

Primeval Whirl elicits tones of a classic wild mouse attraction with the entire roller coaster track structure fully exposed to guests. Props and signs along the ride path help tell the story of the attraction. It is a light hearted counterpart to DINOSAUR, while following a similar storyline.

Guests board their stylized time machine vehicle. Shortly after the load area the vehicles travel up the only lift hill for the attraction. The lift hill represents the time travel component of the attraction with large marquees over the track counting down the process:

  • Back In Time
  • Way Back In Time
  • Older than dirt
  • Seconds to the meteor hit

At the top of the hill a black and white spiral prop can be seen to show that guests are now back at the time of the dinosaurs. The vehicle turns into a series of un-banked switchbacks that give guests the impression that the vehicle will fall off the track. The vehicles pass the attraction marquee and several flat dinosaur and meteor props.

The vehicle travels down a drop before another un-banked turn where flat dinosaurs are running away from a comet. The vehicle turns again and drops down another hill before traveling back up to a series of un-banked switchbacks. The vehicles now freely rotate causing a whipping motion around each corner. The switchbacks continue past dinosaurs, comets and large signs.

The vehicle drops down into the mouth of a large dinosaur skeleton. The scene is meant to parallel the final scene of DINOSAUR where the vehicle passes underneath the Carnotaurus. The remainder of the attraction is a series of small bunny hop hills leading into the unload area.

Signage as the vehicle approaches the unload area indicates that guests are traveling back to current times.


The ride was manufactured by Reverchon Industries


Primeval Whirl is a spinning, turbulent, roller coaster-type ride with sharp turns and stops.


Kids and teens. Kids enjoy the attraction because the entire track is visible prior to riding.


This attraction opens with the park.


Primeval Whirl is one of the low to mid range demand Fastpass+ reservations in the park. Availability will exist well into the day, but guests can save time using Fastpass+ at this location.


The queue is lightly themed with colors that blend in with the rest of Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama. It is a covered queue, and guests can view the ride track and loading area.


The vehicles are colorful round vehicles that seat four guests each. The guests sit four across but are separated into bench seats that accommodate two guests each. The restraint is an overhead restraint that comes down to the laps of the guests.


The attraction shifted to “Seasonal Operations” in October of 2019 before having its last day of operation on January 4, 2020.


There are no similar roller coasters on property. The spinning is similar to the Mad Tea Party, and the speed of the attraction is comparable to The Barnstormer Starring The Great Goofini.


The below video is used with permission from the YouTube channel Virtual Disney World. These videos allow users to manipulate the camera a full 360 degrees using their cursor or directional arrows on their computer. Users on a smartphone or tablet can also manipulate the camera by moving their device in the direction they wish to look.