Muppet*Vision 3-D

3D Show
C - Major Attraction
Height Requirement
Disney Warning


Muppet*VIsion 3-D is a comedic three dimensional show featuring animatronics, in theater effects and a cast of Muppets appearing on screen. Most of the Muppet favorites appear to showcase the new “MuppetVision” 3D technology on display by Muppet Labs. As one would expect, chaos (and humor) ensues as the show (and theater) unfolds.


Inside the theater, guests see a large red curtain with small balconies on the adjacent walls. As guests are getting seated, Statler and Waldorf emerge from the right balcony:

Statler: Hey Waldorf
Waldorf: Yeah?
Statler: What are we gonna see in here anyway?
Waldorf: Uh, It’s one of those 3D movies, put on your glasses Statler
Both: Yeah

Statler: Hey, hey hey look! Look at the guy in the Goofy mask
Waldorf: That’s not a mask
Statler: Oh, sorry lady
Both: (laughter)

After Statler and Waldorf’s exchange, the orchestra pit rises to reveal the orchestra of penguins.

Statler: Hey look, an orchestra of penguins
Waldorf: They probably took the job for the halibut!
Both: (laughter)

At this point, the music starts playing and the curtain opens to reveal another curtain on the screen. The curtain opens to a door that reads, “Kermit the Frog presents Muppet-Vision 3D”. The 3D portion of the door moves forward and it’s revealed that Gonzo has put the words on a long pole.

Kermit walks in to introduce the show and introduce us to the “research center”. Kermit identifies the Swedish Chef who is working the projector and an animatronic of the Swedish Chef appears in the back of the theater behind glass. He explains that we’re going to see a demonstration that will include a little song from Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy immediately interrupts and makes Kermit correct himself to, “A huge, show stopping, major song from Miss Piggy”. Kermit also introduces Sam Eagle who will present the finale, “A salute to all nations, but mostly America.” He also explains that they will not be stooping to any cheap 3D tricks, which is immediately refuted by Fozzy appearing with noise makers and snakes that spring out of a can. Statler and Waldorf interrupt and heckle Fozzy who leaves discouraged. It’s during this exchange that water effects spray guests.

Kermit continues the tour into the Muppet-Vision “secret laboratory”. Kermit turns the tour over to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew who is assisted by Beaker. Beaker is responsible for turning on a large machine which appears to injure beaker in a few different ways. The machine creates a CGI character named Waldo, the self proclaimed, “Spirit of 3D”. Waldo is a high energy character and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker attempt to deactivate Waldo but it doesn’t work. They try inflating Waldo until he pops into several different identical Waldo figures, and then ultimately they use the “Vacuum Muppet“. This vacuum can be felt in the theater and it sucks up all of Muppet laps except Waldo, who appears on a black screen. Waldo turns into a taxi and drives offscreen.

Kermit opens a door in the black space leading us out of Muppet Labs. As Kermit walks out, Fozzy comes out with a remote control banana cream pie that breaks and hits Fozzy in the face. Kermit then introduces Miss Piggy’s song. She appears underneath a tree along a pond and she begins singing “Dream a Little Dream” by the Mama’s and the Papa’s. During her song, bubbles fall from the ceiling as another in theater effect. Bean Bunny continues to interrupt Miss Piggy and she gets increasingly more frustrated. At the end of the scene Bean Bunny hands Miss Piggy a tow rope for the, “Big water skiing finale.” Miss Piggy is then pulled across the water and off screen. Sam Eagle comes on screen and yells at Bean Bunny to go away.

Bean goes to the back of the scene and opens a door that’s painted as a gazebo, he walks through the door and Waldo appears, still as a taxi. Bean decides that he’s running away and Waldo turns into a bindle and joins him. Gonzo walks onto the screen and Bean tells him he’s going away forever. It doesn’t immediately register with Gonzo that Bean is running away forever so he makes no efforts to stop him. By the time Gonzo realizes Bean is leaving, he is nowhere to be found. Gonzo runs off to tell Kermit.

Sweetums walks on screen with a paddle ball, much to the delight of Fozzy. Sweetums walks away and Gonzo and Kermit walk on screen. Gonzo tells Kermit that Bean Bunny ran away, and a soaking wet Miss Piggy walks by and shouts, “Good Riddance.” The rest of the characters spread out to look for Bean. Sweetums appears as a costumed character walking around the front of the theater and Bean Bunny ultimately appears in the left balcony.

After Bean appears, Kermit, Gonzo and Fozzy convince Bean to return to the show. Bean agrees, but only if he can help. Bean and Waldo agree to set off the fireworks in the final scene. Kermit asks Sam Eagle if he’s ready in the following exchange:

Kermit: Sam, are you about ready?
Sam Eagle: It’s a glorious three hour finale
Kermit: You have a minute and a half
Sam Eagle: (gasp)

The finale begins with a marching band of soldiers playing drums and horns and waving flags. Waldo appears as band leader and hits one of the performers with a baton resulting in a horn covering the head of one of the soldiers. The soldier runs around and hits several other soldiers, while a few Mary Blair style dolls walk buy singing, “it’s a small world.” The song transitions into the 1812 Overture and cannons are fired.

Bean launches the fireworks at Sam’s command, and then Waldo turns into a rocket. Miss Piggy appears below the fireworks and she is dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Waldo, circles Miss Piggy as a rocket until the skirt part of the outfit falls down. While this is happening, the soldier with the horn on his head is still running into the other performers. Waldo then crashes down to the bottom of the scene into the orchestra pit upsetting the penguins.

Sweetums comes out on screen, and then out in front of the screen yelling to the Swedish Chef to stop the movie. Sweetums pours a bucket of water on the penguins. The penguins shoot back and the film reel goes off screen. This leaves Waldo by himself on screen getting shot at by the Swedish Chef. The penguins, Waldo and the Swedish Chef go back and forth, ultimately ending with the Swedish Chef firing a cannon that causes the screen and adjacent walls to explode with in theater effects.

Sweetums comes back out to make sure everyone is ok, and Statler and Waldorf duck beneath the balcony and wave a white flag. Kermit appears on screen on a ladder extending from a fire truck that’s wheeled in through the apparent hole that was created as a result of the cannon fire. He apologies for the “slight technical difficulties” and invites the guests to come back.

The curtains close, and Waldo appears one last time, turns into Mickey Mouse and is finally sucked up the Vacuum Muppet.


Special effects include water effects, wind effects, bubbles, and mist.


There is no Disney Description for this attraction.


Guests of all ages.


This attraction opens with the park.


Muppet*Vision 3-D typically does not require a Fastpass+ reservation except on the busiest days of the year.

It is a “Tier 2” Fastpass+ attraction.


The outdoor queue for this attraction rarely gets used but it is lined with faux movie posters featuring The Muppets in integral movie roles throughout history.

Once inside, the queue is a short hallway that leads into the large Pre-Show room. Guests are often held by a cast member at something made to resemble an information booth where they can find a sign that reads, “Back in 5 minutes key is under mat”. Sure enough, there is a mat by the information booth and underneath the mat is a key embedded in the carpet.

Across the way are two separate directory signs for Muppet Vision 3D World Headquarters.

Sign 1 reads:

Muppet Vision
World Headquarters

Institute of Heckling & Browbeating
Statler & Waldorf Curmudgeons in Chief Box A Mezz

Muppet Kitchens & Pyrotechnic Research
Swedish Chef – Tippy Top Cookee Guy Suite 294

Dept of Poultry and Mold Cultivation
The Great Gonzo – Paramour Connoisseur Suite 163

Patriotic Analysis & Protocol
Sam the Eagle – American Suite 12

Sartorial Accumulation Division
Miss Piggy – Diva Very Suite 4444

Academy of Amphibian Science
Kermit The Frog Suite 5235

Sign 2 reads:

Muppet Vision
World Headquarters

The rest of the directory

Division of Decibel Development
Animal – Percussionist at Large Suite 6420

Attitudinal Adjustment & Groove Testing
Dr Teeth Chairman & Floyd Pepper Ottoman Suite 7129

Dept of Comedic Timing and Delivery
Take Fozzie Bear – Please Suite 8932

Cute Cuddly & A.W. Shucks Attorneys
Bean Bunny Your Pal 2 Suite 4 U

Soup of the Day
Split Pea

Cup 2.95
Bowl 1.50
No Soup 3.95

Alphabet Soup



(the E and D are backwards)

Beyond the directory is a brick arch with a dent taken out of it. Painted above the dent are the words, “You must be shorter than this to enter!” Additional signage can be found in the queue before entering the Pre-show room.


Often times, guests enter the Pre-show room, and the Pre-show video has already begun. The room is downward sloping and features many props along the walls, floor, and ceiling. There are three rows of video monitors, with each row featuring three televisions. The Pre-show video is more or less identical across each of the three rows, but the individual monitors will display different activity (and interface with each other).

The Pre-show begins with several Muppet construction workers hanging signage for the attraction. The go from screen to screen hanging Kodak signs on the left and right screens and the Muppet*Vision 3-D attraction sign on the center screen. The signs come crashing down almost immediately.

Scooter then appears on the left screen to begin a “video display test”. Scooter only appears in the pre-show and acts as a pseudo producer behind the scenes. Scooter walks through all 9 screens in the theater with various issues occurring at each screen. Next, another Muppet appears with a paint roller and paints the screens to reveal fish swimming across the three screens. A scuba diving muppet pulls the drain and the water level decreases.

The penguins appear across all of the screens and then Fozzy Bear walks in revealing that the penguins are the orchestra and they need to rehearse. As Fozzy attempts to corral the penguins, a chicken appears and Fozzy shouts, “I thought I told you chickens to stay on the other side of the road… Why did this chicken cross the road?” The chicken clucks, “To get to the other side” and Fozzy excitedly runs off to tell the joke to the penguins.

Scooter returns to the screen and attempts to get the attention of the audience. Seeing that Scooter is struggling, Rizzo the Rat comes out and shouts, “QUIET!”. Scooter and Rizzo have a small back and forth before Fozzy interrupts and presents his new act for the show. The new act is the “Three D’s”:

Fozzy: Scooter, I’d like to present… the THREE D’s!
Girl 1: Hi, I’m Dorothy
Girl 2: I’m Dina
Man: I’m Max… yeah Debbie was sick so the union sent me.

They sing a short song before Scooter cuts them off. After Fozzy leaves, Bean Bunny walks by and tells Scooter that he’s going to help Miss Piggy, only to be immediately thrown out by Miss Piggy offstage. Following Bean Bunny, Gonzo interrupts Scooter by telling him that he has a phone call. Gonzo, then takes over all three screens as he tap dances with a pot of flowers on his head. At first it appears that the same Gonzo is being displayed on all three screens, but one of them drops his pot of flowers and the other goes to help. At the conclusion of the short song, Scooter re-appears telling Gonzo that they don’t have a phone.

Bean Bunny returns with another attempt to help Miss Piggy by bringing her a prop for her musical number. Once again, he is thrown out and flies across the three screens. The penguins return, led by Fozzy who informs Scooter that the penguins are the orchestra.

Following this, Sam Eagle comes on screen to review the safety instructions but he is interrupted by Gonzo who whispers into his ear. After Gonzo whispers into his ear, Sam Eagle gets very excited and introduces Mickey Mouse. Mickey turns out to be Rizzo the Rat, and Sam Eagle kicks him out. He returns to safety instructions and after a small interruption by Gonzo, Sam instructs the performers to enter the theater. The performers trample Sam Eagle, and the guests are then admitted into the theater.




A new marquee was put in place in June of 2017. The new marquee re-named the theater to the Grand Arts Theater.

For a brief period beginning in September of 2014, Constantine from The Muppets Most Wanted would periodically interrupt the original pre-show video. Ultimately the pre-show reverted back to the original version without Constantine.


Similar 3-D movies on property are: Mickey’s PhilharMagic and It’s Tough to be a Bug