Minnie’s Country House

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Minnie's Country House was the Country home of Minnie Mouse. Guests could explore the rooms of Minnie's House that include the kitchen, living room, crafts room and bedroom. Outside guests could also explore the gazebo out in Minnie's garden.

Before guests entered Minnie's one story house, they can see Minnie's flower lined mailbox behind a white picket fence. The walkway to the house was lined with bushes, and the exterior of the house was painted pink, purple and other pastels with hearts used for decoration.

Minnie's Living Room: The light colors continued in Minnie's Living Room as pink pastels dominated the decor. Photos of Mickey and Minnie lined the walls, and a low border of flowers circled the room. An cartoon stylized version of an old fashioned radio sat on a table while Minnie's hutch included Mickey and Minnie Souvenir figures and plates (please note not all collectible plates are guaranteed to increase in value). Also on display in the hutch were tributes to Minnie's friends Donald and Daisy which included figures of Hewey, Dewey and Louie as well as a replica of the boat "Miss Daisy". Another area of the hutch included even more figurines of the classic characters. The whimsical mirror/mantle/fireplace combo was again decorated in hearts and featured more photos of Mickey and Minnie.

Guests were encouraged to sit on the Sofa where they could read Minnie's book about "Famous Mice in History". The famous Mice included such legendary names as Confusedus, Mousocrates, Attila the mouse, Minniepatra, Kublaimouse Khan, Leonardo da Moussi, Mousileo Mouselei, William Mousepeare, Charles Darmouse, Mary Moushelley, Thomas Cheddarson, Albert Einmoustein.

Minnie's Hobby Room/Crafts Room: In Minnie's crafts room she had paintings, sculptures and vases that she crafted, and prize ribbons were placed next to several of the items as well. The painting on her easel was a drawing of Goofy flying a plane into a water tower, reminiscent of the attraction marquee for Goofy's Barnstormer.

Guests could also see that Minnie was likely interrupted while sewing as her sewing machine was abandoned mid project.

Minnie's Hallway: Before transitioning into the kitchen, the hallway showcased Minnie's love of gardening with flower wallpaper and hanging flower baskets lining the hall. On the bulletin board in the Hallway guests can see several notes and messages left for Minnie.

Minnie's Kitchen: Inside Minnie's Kitchen, there were several interactive elements that guests could enjoy. Popcorn would pop in the microwave, and a cake would rise in the oven while the utensils hanging above would move back and forth. Guests who opened the refrigerator would experience a blast of cold air before seeing several cheese based items.

Also found in the kitchen was both the recipe and a plate of "Minnie Mouse's Famous Chewy Cheesy Chip Cookies".

Minnie's Porch/Conservatory: Outside in Minnie's porch were additional hanging baskets of flowers as well as several shelves lined with flower pots. All of her gardening supplies gave a hint to what's coming next in the exterior portion of the house.

Minnie's Garden/Gazebo: The garden walkway led guests to a pink gazebo where the heart decor continued to dominate. After the Garden, guests would exit out in front of the Toontown Hall of Fame Tent.


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This typically opened with Mickey's Toontown Fair, 1 hour after park opening.


Closed February 11, 2011 – This was the last day of operation.


Mickey's Country House


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