Mickey’s PhilharMagic

3D Show
C - Major Attraction
Height Requirement
Disney Warning


Mickey’s PhilharMagic is a 3-D musical that takes guests through a selection of memorable songs from Fantasia, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and Aladdin. The scenes are tied together by Donald Duck who is trying to re-acquire Mickey’s Sorcerer’s hat throughout the show.


As guests sit down they see a golden arch in front of them covering the main screen. Behind the golden arch is a red curtain. The arch partially obscures the screen and the initial video only occurs in the area surrounded by the arch. The areas to the left and right of the golden arch feature silhouettes of musical instruments on a blue background. Stage Manager Goofy continues with the announcements by thanking people filling in all of the available seats.

Guests can hear Goofy backstage as he looks for Donald, trips over a cat and seemingly electrocutes himself. Next, Minnie Mouse interjects with some initial announcements and then she starts the show by introducing, “Maestro Mickey Mouse and the PhilharMagic Orchestra!” Panic immediately ensues backstage as Minnie says she can’t find Donald, and Mickey states that they’re not ready. Undeterred, Goofy raises the curtains anyway to find Donald sleeping near the conductor’s platform of a band concert. Mickey wakes him up and tells him, “Don’t forget the orchestra and don’t touch my hat.” Donald opens a trunk that includes all of the instruments. He quickly unpacks them and the instruments are neatly configured on the risers surrounding the platform. The last instrument, a Grand Piano lands with a thud. Donald sees Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat, puts it on his head, and then taps the conductor’s baton against the music stand. All of the instruments begin playing at once and Donald quickly loses control. The instruments start to pile on top of Donald in a cloud of dust and wind effects bring a gust of air through the theater. Suddenly, the lights go dark a crash occurs and the golden arch disappears.

The next scene begins with Donald asking, “Where’s my Hat?” Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast answers him with the introduction to the song “Be Our Guest”. Donald is sat at the end of a long banquet table as a variety of food is placed in front of him. Smell effects during this scene include apple pie and jasmine. As the food is paraded in front of Donald, he sees the Sorcerer’s Hat sitting on top of one of the dishes. He grabs for it but instead winds up grabbing a pie that explodes in his face. The scene ends with Champagne bottles bursting out of the screen with blasts of air hitting guests in the face.

With the remains of dinner piled onto the floor (along with the Sorcerer’s Hat), the music for “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” begins, and several brooms walk in carrying buckets of water. The water is splashed on Donald and the guests using in theater effects. Donald steals the bucket from one of the brooms only to have his cleverness thwarted by a larger boom who splashes more water on Donald and the guests.

The splash of water transitions into an underwater scene where Flounder swims across the screen and the Sorcerer’s Hat floats down into Ariel’s hands. She starts singing “Part of Your World” and Donald appears with goggles and a snorkel. Donald swims with Ariel and Donald thinks she’s going to kiss him. As he closes his eyes for a kiss, an electric eel jumps in and kisses Donald instead. Donald and Ariel then start swimming up towards the surface with Donald receiving the occasional electric shock.

The sunlight that appears from beneath the water transitions into the sunlight above Africa and the music from “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” starts playing. Simba bursts onto the screen. The Sorcerer’s Hat appears on the head og a Giraffe and Donald struggles throughout the scene to get a hold of it.

The hat flies away and the scene transitions once again, this time Tinkerbell appears on screen above London. She flies around Big Ben and Peter Pan lands on the minute hand of the clock. Donald and the Sorcerer’s Hat also “land” on the minute hand which bends down and then slingshots them all into the air. Peter Pan shouts his famous line, “Here we go!”, Donald and the hat are doused with Pixie Dust and the chorus of “You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!” begins.

The clouds over London transition into the clouds over Agrabah as Aladdin and Jasmine fly by in a magic carpet singing, “A Whole New World”. Seeing that the Sorcerer’s Hat is with Aladdin and Jasmine on the Carpet, Donald flies after them on his own magic carpet. They fly through the streets of Agrabah and eventually Donald catches up with them up in the clouds. They give him the Sorcerer’s Hat only to have Iago knock it off his head.

Donald jumps off the carpet and falls from the sky chasing the Sorcerer’s Hat. As he spins towards the ground the golden arch from the beginning comes back into place. The instruments start to appear and as he lands a visibly irritated Mickey is standing on the conductor’s platform wearing the Sorcerer’s Hat. Donald lands and then catches the conductor’s baton. He hands it to Mickey who leads the orchestra in the Mickey Mouse Club theme. Donald falls into a Tuba and the show ends with the air in the Tuba building up enough pressure to launch Donald out of the Tuba and into the back wall of the theater. Guests can see his legs dangling from the wall before he falls forward. The curtain drops and then Donald can be found hanging from the ceiling, stuck inside some instruments inside the Fantasy Faire gift shop.


There is no Disney Description for this attraction.


Children, Adults


This attraction opens with the park.


Mickey’s PhilharMagic typically does not require a Fastpass+ reservation except on the busiest days of the year.


The queue for Mickey’s PhilharMagic features many posters for other options at the “Opera House”. The first of these posters featuers Mickey Mouse advertising the PhilharMagic show we are about to see. The others include:

  • Festival Mariachis!” (From the Three Caballeros)
  • “An Evening with Wheezy” (From Toy Story)
  • “Hades Sings Torch Songs” (From Hercules)
  • “Ariel’s Coral Group” (From The Little Mermaid)
  • “Genie Sings the Blues” (From Aladdin)
  • “I Pagliacci performed by Willie the Whale” (From Make Mine Music/The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met)
  • “Wolf Gang Trio” (The Three Little Pigs)

Also in the queue is a mural dubbed “Music on Parade” and the signage for the mural indicates that it was “Donated by Minnie Mouse – Founding Member”. The mural features a variety of instruments such as cellos and trumpets and other musical elements like musical notes.


The Pre-Show room is decorated like the lobby of an opera house. Stage Manager Goofy can be heard making announcements where he instructs guests to approach the “AutoMagic Doors”.

He also instructs guests to refrain from putting on their special “Opera glasses” until someone tells you.


As a 3-D show, this is similar to Muppet*Vision 3-D, It’Tough to be a Bug and Captain EO, however the content as a musical show is similar to Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo The Musical.