Mickey’s Country House

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Mickey’s Country House was the Country home of Mickey Mouse. Inside the house guests could find Mickey’s kitchen, bedroom, living room and game room. Outside you could also walk through Mickey’s garden as well.

Guests were often confused as to the whereabouts of Mickey Mouse himself. Mickey would spend his days next door at the Judge’s Tent.


Disney went to the extent of explaining the Toontown back story as the “Country Homes” of Mickey, Minnie and friends. You see, Mickey and Minnie live in Toontown over in California, and it wouldn’t make sense for them to have a home in both Florida and California. For that reason, the Imagineers went to the extent of creating the backstory for Mickey’s Toontown Fair as the country home of the famous mouse couple.

As for Mickey himself, while his house was open to guests he was nowhere to be found. Guests could find him over in the Judge’s tent for meet and greets.

The layout of his house was as follows:

Mickey’s Bedroom: Features his bed and a wardrobe that’s filled with that classic black and red suit that helped make Mickey Mouse famous. The bottom drawer of the wardrobe is overflowing with Mickey Mouse gloves. Some photos of the mouse are hung on the walls, and a full tuxedo is hanging in the corner. The base of the lamp on his nightstand is a baseball bat, and of course next to the lamp is a photo of his beloved Minnie Mouse. There are multiple bureaus that include items like a vase with sunflowers as well as a pet goldfish.

Mickey’s Living Room: This room features a table featuring some mail from Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Ariel and Peter Pan. Over by the window is a large couch that features pennants and pompoms as well as a four fingered foam finger and a football helmet. Several snacks sit on the table in front of the couch, while the easy chair next to the fireplace is situated perfectly in front of the television. Logically, the antenna on the TV is shaped like Mickey ears.On the walls are photos of Mickey’s friends, a photo of Donald’s Boat, and a prize fish above the fireplace.

Mickey’s Game Room: Inside the game room guests can see that Mickey is dominating the Ping Pong Tournament Standings over Goofy and Donald (Mickey has 25, Goofy has 18 and Donald has 0). The paddles logically have mouse ears, and the checkerboard also features Mickey Mouse checkers pieces. Along the far wall is a trophy case that features artifacts from several other sports, and the photos on the walls showcase the athleticism of Mickey and Friends. The dart board features one bullseye and two stray darts that are embedded in the wall.

Mickey’s Kitchen: In the Kitchen guests can see that Mickey’s Kitchen has been entered into the Toontown Fair Kitchen Remodeling Contest courtesy of Donald & Goofy. As such, the kitchen is in disarray with wallpapering being done, duck footprints on the floor and cabinets off their hinges. In the sink a leaning tower of paint cans balances precariously and is clearly a sign of a work in progress. Guests can see the blueprints that Donald and Goofy put together for the remodel as well as a note by Mickey to the two of them.

Mickey’s Garage: Like most garages this is meant to give the appearance as a storage area. It also seems to function as an extension of the game room as tennis rackets and other sports equipment are attached to the walls. There’s also a collection of tools and a workbench where the current project is a bird house.

Mickey’s Garden: Out in the yard is an extensive garden of Mickey Mouse shaped produce like pumpkins and tomatoes. There are cacti of Donald, Mickey and Goofy holding gardening tools as well as overalls hanging off a post cleverly named MouseKosh. There are signs that indicate Mickey’s garden will be up for a blue ribbon, tying together the theme of the Judge’s Tent as well. Lastly we can see Pluto’s dog house with a bone out front.


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This typically opened with Mickey’s Toontown Fair, 1 hour after park opening.


Closed February 11, 2011 – This was the last day of operation.


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