Liberty Square Riverboat

Boat Ride
B - Minor Attraction
Height Requirement
Disney Warning
Supervise children at all times.


The Liberty Square Riverboat is a classic Colonial style riverboat known as the Liberty Belle. The three tiered boat leads guests on a journey through the Rivers of America.


As guests depart Riverboat Landing for their trip on The Lilly Belle, they can hear the familiar sounds of the River Boat horn.

Captain Horace Bixby welcomes guests on board and introduces the host Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) who is making his 100th voyage along the river. Mark Twain talks about how much he loves the river as well as offering up safety information.

Mark Twain talks about Frontierland and how it reminds him of his old home town. As the narration continues, the boat passes along Tom Sawyer Island. The narration also explains that Chickapin’ Hill is now known as Splash Mountain.

The narration continues explaining that Fort Langhorn is the last outpost before the boat reaches Indian territory. The boat passes by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad before seeing Beacon Joe fishing on a pier.

From here, the boat passes by an Algonquin Indian Village as well as wildlife like moose and deer. Shortly after the Indian Village, the boat travels by Wilson’s Cave Inn and Fort Langhorn.

The Haunted Mansion is the next visible icon and it’s explained that it was built on a sacred Indian burial ground. Shortly after passing The Haunted Mansion, the boat returns to the dock.


There is no Disney Description for this attraction.


This attraction is family friendly, but is largely enjoyed by children and fans of Colonial history.


Liberty Square Riverboat typically opens 1-2 hours after park opening and closes 2 hours prior to park close or 8:00 PM, whichever comes first.


The queue is covered and overlooks the Rivers of America. It is primarily a holding area for the next departure and fits in thematically with the Colonial theming of the area.


The Liberty Belle is a reproduction inspired by many of the paddle boats that traveled down the Mississippi River. It is steam powered using water from the Rivers of America.

The boat is 47 feet tall and features four decks as described by

Pilothouse, also known as the top deck, features the wheelhouse and Captain’s Quarters
Promenade Deck, includes a salon and a collection of vintage photos and maps
Texas (or Sun) Deck, the perfect place to catch some rays as you float down the river
Main Deck, includes the boiler and pistons that run the paddlewheel

The vehicle can accommodate approximately 450 guests and has limited seating on all four decks.


The attraction opened with two boats, the other known as the Admiral Joe Fowler. However, the Admiral Joe Fowler boat was damaged during a 1980 refurbishment and at that time it was determined that the Magic Kingdom no longer needed two riverboats on the Rivers of America.


There are no current attractions that are similar, but the now extinct Discovery River Boats was a similar boat ride around the Animal Kingdom.