Kali River Rapids

Rapid Ride
D - Major Attraction/Headliner
Height Requirement
38 inches (97cm)
Disney Warning
Supervise children at all times.


Kali River Rapids is a white water trip through the forests of Asia culminating in a 35 foot drop.


Kali River Rapids is located inside the Village of Anandapur. It is owned and operated by Kali River Expeditions and resides near the house of that companies founder, Manisha Guring. Manisha started the Kali River Expeditions to show the effect that logging has on the community along the Chakranadi River. The attraction takes guests directly into an area destroyed by loggers. The name Kali comes from the Hindu Goddess, Kali known for demonstrating the destructive forces of nature.

The attraction begins with a large turntable loading area where guests board their 12 passenger rafts. As the raft leaves the loading area it turns up to the lift hill that travels into the jungle past statues and into the rockwork. At the top of the hill a large geyser appears ready to soak the guests. The raft travels directly over the geyser and it can be heard against the bottom of the boat.

The river turns to the right as the raft accelerates through the first group of rapids. Spinning through the jungle, the river comes to a clearing where evidence of loggers can be seen. Trees have been cut down and the sound of chainsaws can be heard. Previously, a fire effect added to this scene but that effect is no longer active.

The rapids continue through the clear cut jungle as smoke rises from the rubble. The raft turns towards the main drop of the attraction typically soaking the raft on the backwards facing side. Once down the drop the ride continues past waterfalls through the jungle.

The raft passes under a rock bridge and three streams of water are shooting over the raft on the other side. The river continues under a bridge and past statues that are spraying the raft with water. After the statues, the raft returns to the loading area.


This ride was manufactured by Intamin AG.


The proprietors of Kali Rapids Expeditions wish to inform you:
You WILL get wet!

Kali River Rapids is an exciting high speed white-water raft adventure with sharp turns and sudden drops.


Families, teens, and people that don’t mind walking around a theme park in wet clothes.


This attraction opens with the park.


Kali River Rapids is one of the mid range demand Fastpass+ reservations in the park. Same day availability typically exists, and guests can save time using Fastpass+ at this location. During the summer, demand for this attraction is higher.


The queue for Kali River Rapids helps tell part of the attraction’s backstory. It begins next to the house of the owner of Kali River Expeditions, Manisha Guring. The path winds through foliage and passing artifacts before entering the Tiger Temple. Artifacts and tapestries decorate the Tiger Temple. Many animals are featured in the temple including tigers and cobras. Guests can also see prayer flags and prayer bells. Similar components can be found near Expedition Everest. In the Tibetan culture, the prayer flags represent a prayer that has been offered and the bells represent a prayer that has been answered. Tapestries and other artifacts line the pathway

Following the Tiger Temple is the Painted Pavilion. This includes paintings along the ceiling of Buddha and animals. The shop of a local merchant is next. Mr. Panika’s shop is a small aviary and bird market. Artifacts can be seen in showcases while other items like a bicycle can be found outside. The continues into the offices of Kali River Expeditions where Manisha’s voice can be heard. Following these offices the queue continues to the loading area.

Beyond the Tiger Temple is the Painted Pavilion


Each vehicle has it’s own name. There is a list of these vehicles in the queue with a variety of statuses:

  • Annapurna Orchid: Our-sector 5 northern route
  • Monsoon Momma: Out-sector 3 rapids run
  • Darjeeling Darling: Awaiting use
  • Sherpa Surfer: Awaiting use
  • Jungle Jumpapoo: Repaired
  • Bali Bumper Car: On reserve for Ohio tour group
  • Java Jumper: Our-sector 5, southern route
  • Baloo Me Away: Oars may need inspection
  • Himalayan Hummer
  • Prambanan Princess: Rafting on Sector 2 with Himalayan
  • Bhaktapur Bubbler: Awaiting Use
  • Durga’s Delight: Awaiting Use
  • Banyan Boy: Replenish Supplies
  • Rajah Run Around: Seat repaired
  • Manaslu Slammer: Due back yesterday!

Each vehicle fits 12 guests. 6 benches circle a center area and each bench is equipped with seatbelts and two seats. In the center area guests can stow personal items. 16 Rafts are in operation at once.

The full list of raft numbers and names are as follows:

  1. Manaslu Slammer
  2. Java Jumper
  3. Jungle Jumpapoo
  4. Khola Cruiser
  5. Unknown
  6. Banyan Boy
  7. So Sari
  8. Sherpa Surfer
  9. Durga’s Delight
  10. Papa-do-ran-ran!
  11. Rajah Run Around
  12. Thamel Tea Cup
  13. Monsoon Momma
  14. Trisuli Twister
  15. Baloo Me Away
  16. Bali Bumper Car
  17. Himalayan Hummer
  18. Bhaktapur Bubbler
  19. Prambanan Princess
  20. Irrawady Daddy
  21. Delhi Donut
  22. Khatmandoozy


Originally the attraction was to be called Tiger Rapids Run. The original attraction would have included live animals and was intended to be a full length Asian safari. It is likely that the vehicles would have been different as seen in the below Tiger Rapids Run concept art.


While the ride vehicles are different, a comparison can be made to Splash Mountain. Guests typically get more wet on Kali River Rapids.

Thematically, the queue theming is similar to the queue at Expedition Everest.