Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Track Ride
C - Major Attraction
Height Requirement
Disney Warning
Supervise children at all times.


Journey Into Imagination With Figment is a light hearted open house tour of the Imagination Institute’s Sensory Laboratories with Dr. Nigel Channing and Figment that evolves into a tour of Figment’s open house.


The story of Journey Into Imagination With Figment differs from the previous versions of the attraction. The original attraction introduced guests to the characters of Dreamfinder and Figment and together they showed guests that everyone has the power of imagination. The second version of the ride, Journey Into YOUR Imagination was a demonstration of scientific experiments. The current version is an open house tour of the Imagination Institute’s Sensory Laboratories hosted by Dr. Nigel Channing and Figment.

The story of the Imagination Institute originated with the 1994 opening of Honey, I Shrunk the Audience in the Magic Eye Theater. That show has since closed, but the concept of the Imagination Institute has remained with Journey Into Your Imagination.

Figment is a small purple dragon that was created as part of the original Journey Into Imagination attraction that opened in 1983. While similar, the version that exists in the Journey Into Imagination with Figment attraction is a bit more of smart alec with less “childish delight” than the original.

In the early scenes of the attraction, guests learn that Dr. Channing wants to approach the imagination with a scientific approach while Figment doesn’t want to be constrained by science.

As guests board their tour tram, silver doors in front of the vehicles mark the entrance to the Sensory Laboratories.

The doors slide open and the voice of Dr. Nigel Channing introduces guests to the open house:

Dr. Channing: Welcome to our special drive through open house. I’m Dr. Nigel Channing, Chairman of the Imagination Institute.

The vehicle stops at a series of video screens where Dr. Channing and Figment detail what will take place during the tour.

Dr. Channing: Hello, on your tour you’ll see how the five human senses can help capture your imagination.
Figment: Oh! Oh! Can I go too?
Dr. Channing: Absolutely not. Uh, this is one of our discoveries, the Figment of Imagination.
Figment: Yeah, I know all about the senses! There’s sight!
Figment: Sound! Ahhhh! (Figment sings)
Figment: Smell (Figment sniffs Dr. Channing’s armpit)
Figment: Touch (Figment tickles Dr. Channing) Coochie coochie coo!
Figment: And taste! (Figment licks Dr. Channing’s face) Tastes like chicken!

Figment: Can I go? Please. Please. Please!
Dr. Channing: No, and I want you out of my sight.
Figment: Out of sight? OK! (Figment disappears in a puff of smoke but his voice can still be heard)
Figment: Come on everybody, here we go!
Dr. Channing: Figment you are not to interfere with the tour!

Figment’s last line is a reference to the last line of the opening scene of the original Journey Into Imagination attraction. The vehicle moves forward as the Dr. Channing voiceover introduces the first stop of the tour.

Dr. Channing: Our first stop is the sound lab. We begin by testing your hearing with a series of tones. Left ear. Right ear. Left. Right.

Directional tones play overhead, corresponding with Dr. Channing’s narration. A phone ringing interrupts his narration and Figment appears in front of the vehicle on a telephone.

Dr. Channing: What, this is odd… Um hello?
Figment: Hell-o!
Dr. Channing: Who is this?
Figment: It’s Figment!
Dr. Channing: Figment, I thought I told you not to interfere.
Figment: But you’ve got it wrong Doc. It’s not about listening with your ears, it’s about listening with your imagination!
Dr. Channing: Now I’ve completely lost my train of thought.
Figment: No you haven’t, it’s over here!

At this point, the room goes dark and the sound of a train approaching fills the room. Guests are made to think that a train is approaching them.

Figment: All Aboard! Woo! Woo! Next stop, imagination!

Figment then starts singing a verse of the attraction’s theme song, One Little Spark. The original version of One Little Spark debuted as part of Journey Into Imagination in 1983, the tune has remained similar with new verses added as part of the Journey Into Imagination With Figment attraction.

Figment: For every sound, your ears are hearing,
A thousand thoughts, can start appearing.
And each of us, imagines different things.
From just a sound, your mind has wings.

The vehicle continues forward into the next room as Dr. Channing’s narration continues:

Dr. Channing: Continuing now if I may, in a calm, scientific, Figment free manner. The things we see with our eyes can control the eyes of the imagination.

A series of images and optical illusions can be seen in the room around a large eye chart.

Dr. Channing: Let’s begin by using the eye chart to test your vision. Now, all together if you would please, read line 3.

Figment appears on the eye chart and collects all of the letters before spelling out his name.

Figment: (Laughs) With F-I-G-M-E-N-T you can see things differently.
Figment: Sure you can see with your eyes, but imagine what you can see if you use your imagination!

Figment continues on the eye chart and encourages guests to sing-a-long with the lyrics being displayed on the eye chart. As Figment sings, the vehicle moves to the next room.

Figment: Follow the bouncing Figment!
Figment: One spark of light, can light your fancy.
Your mind sees more, than what your eyes see.
Your sense of sight, can make your fancy fly!
There’s more to sight, than meets the eye.

The tour tram continues past an optical illusion of a butterfly in a cage. The effect is a holdover from the Journey Into YOUR Imagination attraction that ran from 1999-2002. As guests approach the effect, the butterfly can be seen in full but as they pass it, it disappears.

As the vehicle moves forward, Dr. Channing’s narration continues with Figment offering a contrarian point of view.

Dr. Channing: I say imagination must be captured and controlled.
Figment: Nuh uh! Imagination works best when it’s set free! Just turn your imagination loose and anything can happen!
Dr. Channing: Figment! Figment? (Sigh) Oh, he’s gone.
Dr. Channing: Our research shows that smells often trigger the imagination especially when pleasant, familiar smells come into play…

The tour tram passes by large scent canisters before stopping at three large circular screens that resemble a large video slot machine. Figment interrupts Dr. Channing’s narration.

Figment: Come into play! (laughter) I’d love to!

Figment appears on the three screens as the dialogue continues:

Dr. Channing: Figment, this is not a good time.
Figment: It’s always a good time to use your imagination, so let the good times roll!

Figment pulls on the screen like it’s a slot machine and it shows animation that ends with Figment on all three screens dressed as a skunk.

Figment: You win one scent!
Dr. Channing: Figment! Don’t!

A blast of a skunk scent comes from above, filling the room.

Dr. Channing: That really stinks!
Figment: Of course Doc, the nose knows!

Figment begins singing as the vehicle moves on to the next scene.

Figment: One awful whiff, can send you reeling.
One lovely sniff, can be appealing.
Your mind defines what enters through your nose.
That’s how you tell a skunk is not a rose.

After passing by a few more offices, Dr. Channing’s narration continues.

Dr. Channing: You know, I’m sorry, but after that big stink in the smell lab I hesitate to send you into the touch and taste labs. Perhaps I should end my open house right here.

The tram tour descends a small hill approaching a closed door that leads to The Touch and Taste Labs. Figment is standing next to the door and he interjects with a new suggestion for the tour.

Figment: Great idea! We’ll go to my open house instead! It’s much more fun, right this way everybody!
Dr. Channing: Figment what is going on? You’re turning this entire open house upside down.
Figment: Upside down, now you’re talking! That’s the best idea you’ve had all day!

The lights dim in the room as Figment begins singing.

Figment: With just a spark of inspiration,
I’ve made my house, an innovation.
Imagination really clowns around.
Mix downside up, and upside down.

The tram tour continues through upside down black light signs leading to Figment’s open house.

Figment: Now here’s a real open house, come on in!

Figment’s house is entirely upside-down with pictures, furniture and the bathroom all suspended upside-down.

Figment: So, what do you think? Is it me?
Dr. Channing: More than you can imagine.
Figment: But Doc it’s exactly what I imagine! Imagination is the brain’s open house!
Dr. Channing: Ohhh, of course. Imagination isn’t just turning your thinking upside down! Come on, it’s time to get back to the institute.
Figment: I know a short cut!

Black light signs point the way back to the institute as their conversation leads into both of them singing:

Dr. Channing: Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!
Dr. Channing: We all have sparks,
Figment: Imaginations!
That’s how our minds create creations.
Dr. Channing: We set them free and oh what they can do!
Together: Those magic sparks from me and you.

The vehicles stop in front of screens that resemble reel to reel recording equipment as their conversation continues.

Figment: You see Doc, I knew you’d get it. ‘Cause you’ve got a wonderful imagination!
Dr. Channing: I do? Oh, yes. Well, thank you Figment.

The music fades away and only the humming of the equipment on the screens can be heard. Dr. Channing appears on screen as an attempt to conclude the tour.

Dr. Channing: And so as you can plainly see, imagination works the best when it’s set free.

Figment joins him on screen and says:

Figment: You said it Doc! Imagination is a blast!

At this point there’s a flash of light, a blast of air and the screens drop down to reveal a finale sequence. Multiple Figments can be seen throughout the scene, some suspended from a cloud, some on an airplane, one on a hot air balloon, and another in front of the music sheets for the song, “One Little Spark”.

Figment and Dr. Channing continue singing as the vehicle moves into a scene where Dr. Channing’s face is on the moon and Figment is standing next to him hitchhiking atop a planet.

A dream can be a dream come true,
With just that spark from me and you.

One little spark,
Of inspiraton,
Is at the heart of all creation.
Right at the start of everything that’s new,
One little spark lights up for you.

The tram tour concludes into a dark corridor lit only by several twinkling lights made to look like stars. The lights slow turn on and guests are invited to join them in the ImageWorks.


Join Figment, the playful purple dragon, on a whimsical slow-moving ride into the realms of imagination.


Children and guests who never saw the original attraction.


This attraction opens with the park, but typically closes at 7:00 PM


Journey Into Imagination with Figment typically does not require a Fastpass+ reservation except on the busiest days of the year.

It is a “Tier 2” Fastpass+ attraction.


When the attraction changed from Journey Into YOUR Imagination to Journey Into Imagination With Figment, the concept of the Imagination Institute still remained. The queue setup the open house storyline where guests were entering the Imagination Institute to tour the Sensory Labs. Part of the current queue passes through the ride area of the original Journey Into Imagination attraction.

One inside the building a sign indicating Kodak’s sponsorship explained the institute.

to the Imagination Institute. Scientific research in our Sensory Laboraties have been made possible through a generous grant from Kodak. We’re workign together to take imagination to new heights. Enjoy your visit.

The sign was removed following the ending of Kodak’s sponsorship in 2010.

The brightly colored queue continues into a reception area made to resemble a modern/high tech office building.

In the reception area, signs welcome us to the Imagination Institute Open House as well as detail the various Sensory Labs guests will experience:

  • Touch Lab
  • Taste Lab
  • Sight Lab
  • Smell Lab
  • Sound Lab
  • ImageWorks – The “What If” Labs

Across from the Sensory Labs sign a lenticular (3D changing portrait) of Dr. Nigel Channing and Figment can be seen along the Fastpass+ line, changing as guests pass by.

Beyond the reception area a hallway highlights the Imagination Institute Inventory of the Year Award Recepients

  • Dr. Nigel Channing (played by Eric Idle) and Figment
  • Professor Phillip Brainard (played by Robin Williams) and Flubber
  • Professor Wayne Szalinski (played by Rick Moranis) and the Shrinking Gun

The queue continues down a corridor of doors to different offices including one for Professor Wayne Szalinski, Dean Higgins, Professor Phillip Brainard and Dr. Nigel Channing.

Monitors overhead show the lightbulb logo of the Imagination Institute and Figment appears on the monitors. The queue continues to the load area with a peak into the ImageWorks – The “What If” Labs post-show area.

Guests are instructed to board one of four vehicles as a billboard featuring Dr. Nigel Channing indicates that Today’s Theme is “How to Capture Your Imagnation”


Each vehicle has two rows of seating. The front row can seat 3 guests while the back row can seat 4. Each vehicle is one of four in a train that travels from show scene to show scene. In addition to following along a track, the vehicles can rotate different directions and stop as needed in different scenes.


Kodak sponsored the Journey Into Imagination Pavilion when it opened with the park in 1982 up until September 10, 2010.


The attraction utilizes a significant portion of the track used by the original Journey Into Imagination and follows the same track as the short lived Journey Into Your Imagination.

  • Journey Into Imagination (March 5, 1983 – October 9, 1998)
  • Journey Into YOUR Imagination (October 1, 1999 – October 7, 2001)
  • Journey Into Imagination With Figment (June 2, 2002 – Present)

Elements of the previous versions of the attraction found their way into the current version. Certain queue elements and the bird cage with the disappearing butterfly originally appeared in the short lived Journey Into YOUR Imagination. Many of the Figment animatronics were also repursed from the original attraction.


The ride vehicles are unique to this attraction and it is a bit more lighthearted than some of the other Future World attractions.


  • Dr. Nigel Channing – Eric Idle
  • Voice of Figment – Dave Goelz
  • One Little Spark (Music and Lyrics) – Richard and Robert Sherman


The below video is used with permission from the YouTube channel Virtual Disney World. These videos allow users to manipulate the camera a full 360 degrees using their cursor or directional arrows on their computer. Users on a smartphone or tablet can also manipulate the camera by moving their device in the direction they wish to look.