Jedi Training Academy

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The Jedi Training Academy is an interactive show that gives children the opportunity to go up against Darth Vader or Darth Maul in a light saber battle.


The show begins with one or two robed figures appearing on stage. They pace around the stage and ultimately remove their robes to reveal that they are Jedi Knights. The Jedi Knight will perform a short light saber demonstration before introducing the show and the group of children that represent today's class of Padawans in Training (Jedi's in training). The children are all wearing robes as well as they join the Jedi Knights on stage.

The Jedi Knights direct the Padawans to stand on one of the training circles on stage as well as those set up on the pavement below the stage. One of the Jedi Knights will identify himself as a light saber instructor that trained under Master Yoda. If there are additional Jedi Knights assisting in this particular show, they would be introduced as well.

The instructor introduces the rules of a light saber and explains that the children will be using "training lightsabers". After this, the Jedi Knight goes through the Jedi Oath with the Padawans:

A Jedi uses the force
For knowledge and defense
Never for attack
If I disobey these rules
Into the crowd I will go back

Following this, the light sabers are handed out to the Padawans and the Jedi Knight goes over the rules and shows the children how to "activate" the light sabers. They go through a variety of poses with the light saber as well as a few attacks that can be done with the light saber.

The light saber attacks are as follows:

  • Cut to the left shoulder
  • Cut to the right shoulder
  • Cut to the left leg
  • Duck
  • Cut to the left leg
  • Cut to the right leg
  • Cut to the head

After the training, Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper appear on stage inviting the children to turn over to the Dark Side. The Jedi Knight tells the Padawans that they must face the Dark Side and Darth Vader using their training and the force. Each Padawan has an opportunity to have a short light saber battle with Darth Vader and while this is going on the Jedi Knight is telling the Padawans what they need to do. Darth Vader is also talking throughout these battles.

Once the light saber battles with Darth Vader are complete, the Jedi Knight has a brief exchange with Darth Vader. Vader claims that if the Padawans join him that together they will rule the galaxy. Suddenly, the voice of Yoda is heard and he prompts the Padawans to activate their weapons and send Vader away using The Force.

Darth Vader leaves the stage leaving confused Storm Troopers by themselves. A comical exchange between the Storm Troopers and the Jedi Knights takes place before they exit through the door on the stage.

The Jedi Knight gathers the Padawans and they are identified by Yoda as "Padawans, students devoted to the ancient training of the Jedi." An additional warning is given to be aware of the Dark Side. The children are then given their official diplomas before the show ends.

During busier times of the year, Darth Maul will also appear on stage with Darth Vader to increase the capacity for each show. The children will have the opportunity to battle either Darth Vader or Darth Maul.


Master the ways of the force.

The Jedi Council welcomes younglings between ages 4 and 12 to participate.

Class size is limited

May the force be with you


Children and Star Wars fans.


The first show is typically within the first half hour of park opening, but sign ups for the show open at park opening.


The show debuted as part of Star Wars Weekends in 2000 as the Jedi Training Camp and was a staple at Star Wars Weekends from 2000-2007 (Star Wars Weekends were not held in 2002). A permanent stage was constructed next to Star Tours in October of 2007.


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