Jedi Training Academy: Trials of the Temple

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B - Minor Attraction
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The Jedi Training Academy: Trials of the Temple is an interactive show that gives children the opportunity to go up against Darth Vader or Seventh Sister in a light saber battle.


The show begins with the Star Wars theme and a voiceover narration, done in the format of the traditional Star Wars movie crawl:

These are perilous days in the galaxy.
The Jedi Order is gone.
A handful of surviving Jedi still secretly search planet to planet for sensitive children to pass on what they have learned.
These students are taken to one of several Jedi temples hidden across the galaxy to test their abilities.

Two robed figures (Jedis, a master and an apprentice) lead the children (also robed) on stage. One of the Jedis makes his/her way up the stairs of the stage and begins the show. They verify that this is the correct place for the training. All of the children must face the "trials of the temple". The Jedi explains that that the Force is an energy field that's very powerful and they will determine whether or not each of the children are worthy to be Jedi.

The master Jedi Knight performs a short light saber demonstration before handing out light sabers to all of the students/Padawans in Training (Jedi's in training).

The Jedi Knights direct the Padawans to stand on one of the training circles on stage as they learn the rules before facing the trials of the temple. One of the Jedi Knights reviews the various elements of using a light saber.

The process ultimately is:

  • Ready position
  • Cut to the left shoulder
  • Cut to the right shoulder
  • Block
  • Step back and duck
  • Stand
  • Cut to the head

After the Padawans are shown how to use the light sabers, the Jedi Knights and the Padawans use the Force to open the doors to the temple to face the trials of the temple. It's explained that what we're seeing isn't real, but what we fear and the students must confront their fear.

Darth Vader emerges to the dark side music. He is followed by the Seventh Sister (a villain from Star Wars Rebels). Each Padawan has an opportunity to have a short light saber battle with Darth Vader or the Seventh Sister and while this is going on the Jedi Knight is telling the Padawans what they need to do. Darth Vader is also talking throughout these battles.

Once the light saber battles are complete, Darth Vader and Seventh Sister circle the stage. It's established that they are no longer battling our fears and that the villains have come to life. The Jedi Knights and the Padowans must now lay down their weapons and declare that they are not afraid in order to force Darth Vader and the Seventh Sister back in the temple.

At this point, Darth Maul emerges from the temple and the apprentice Jedi Knight has a brief battle with him before Yoda's voice can be heard:

Yoda: What fear do I sense hear?
Apprentice: Master Yoda?
Yoda: Your fear of the dark side only strengthens it.
Apprentice: But I have to defend us…

The battle continues:

Yoda: Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate.

At this point the apprentice is acting out of fear and is prepared to strike Darth Maul. The master asks the Padowans to join him/her in telling the apprentice to stop. Yoda's voice can be heard again:

There is nothing in the temple but what you take with you.

Darth Maul descends back into the temple and the apprentice starts to brag about how he/she faught. At that point, Darth Maul emerges again. Collectively the Jedi Knights and Padowans use the force to send Darth Maul back into the temple.

The Padowans all appear on stage again in ready positions as the show ends.


Master the ways of the force.

The Jedi Council welcomes younglings between ages 4 and 12 to participate.

Class size is limited

May the force be with you


The first show is typically within the first half hour of park opening, but sign ups for the show open at park opening.


The original version of this attraction, Jedi Training Academy, debuted as part of Star Wars Weekends. in 2000. It became a permanent attraction in October of 2007. The original had it's last day of operation on October 4, 2015 before opening as Jedi Training Academy: Trials of the Temple on December 1, 2015.


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