For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

Stage Show
C - Major Attraction
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For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration is a musical stage show celebrating the songs in the animated movie Frozen.


Princess Anna and Queen Elsa join the Royal Historians of Arendelle for a fun and comedic retelling of the history of their kingdom amidst projections, lighting and special effects. Guests are invited to join in special sing-along moments from the film’s soundtrack. At the end of the performance, guests might find themselves becoming “Honorary Citizens of Arendelle.”

The show begins with a welcome proclamation to all people from the Kingdom of Hollywood Land. Queen Elsa is introduced but she does not appear. Princess Anna comes on stage and is a bit frantic looking for Elsa. While waiting for her sister to appear, Princess Anna introduces the Royal Historians of Arandelle, a man and a woman walk on stage.

Anna leaves the stage as the historians begin telling the story of Anna and Elsa. As they tell the story, the screen behind them shows scenes from the movie. The male historian continues to get distracted and ahead of himself in the story. The narration leads into the songs of the movies. Guests are encouraged to sing along and lyrics are displayed on monitors on either side of the stage as well as the main monitor.

The first song that’s part of the Sing-Along is, “Do You Want to Build a Snow Man”. As it plays, the montage from the movie plays.

The historians return after the song and the story advances to coronation day. They explain the concerns of Elsa of coronation day, and the montage for, “For the First time in Forever” plays as the second song in the Sing-Along.

Elsa went through the coronation without an incident and Anna finds herself dancing with Hans. This leads into the next song, “Love is an Open Door” where Anna and Hans sing a duet.

Elsa sees that her sister is falling head over heals in love and in her anxiety, proceeds to freeze the entire village of Arrandele. Elsa runs away into the mountains and for the first time in her life feels truly free. This leads into Elsa singing, “Let it Go”.

The historians continue the story about how Princess Anna continues to look for her sister. Then Kristoff appears on stage to discuss how much he helped Princess Anna. Kristoff quickly summarizes his role to the historians and walks off stage. As they continue to discuss the events of the movie, they introduce Olaf the snowman. Olaf sings, “In Summer” as the montage plays on the screen.

The historians return to rush through the end of the story as quickly as possible. Anna accidentally had her heart frozen by Elsa, and it was established by the trolls that only an act of true love could heal a frozen heart. The end of the movie is quickly explained by the historians albeit incorrectly. Anna and Kristoff appear on stage. Anna reveals that she found Elsa, who also appears on stage. Elsa explains the correct ending of the story and proclaims that everyone in attendance is now an honorary citizen of Arendelle.

The show ends with the historians, Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff singing “Let it Go” as fog and snow effects fill the stage.


Fans of Princesses, the movie Frozen.


As a show, For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration typically does not require a Fastpass+ reservation except on the busiest days of the year. Fastpass+ requires guests to return 5-20 minutes prior to the scheduled show time, and typically a guest returning during that time will be able to view the show using standby.

It is a “Tier 2” Fastpass+ attraction.


The show debuted in the Premier Theater as part of the Frozen Summer Fun Live! Celebration and is expected to ultimately move into the Hyperion Theater on June 17, 2015. (former home of The American Idol Experience and Superstar Television).


This is similar to Finding Nemo the Musical. The Finding Nemo show has more elaborate sets, but the musical component is similar.