The Land Pavilion



The Land Pavilion is a classic Future World pavilion that has been home to a variety of attractions and restaurants over the years. The interior design is inspired by the four seasons with seating areas for the Sunshine Seasons quick service restaurant taking up these different forms. The Garden Grill restaurant is a character dining restaurant that actually rotates while guests are eating. The restaurant also overlooks one of the three attractions in the pavilion: Living with the Land. The other two attractions are Soarin‘ and Circle of Life.

Living with the Land is a boat ride through different ecosystems as well as Epcot’s own greenhouses. Soarin‘ is a flight simulator attraction that simulates hang gliding over iconic places in California. The Circle of Life is an educational film hosted by Timon and Pumba from the Lion King.

Previous attractions in The Land Pavilion included Kitchen Kabaret, Food Rocks, Symbiosis, Listen to the Land.


The plaque outside of the pavilion reads:

Between the Land and Humankind

“Symbiotic relationships mean creative partnerships. The earth is to be seen neither as an ecosystem to be preserved unchanged nor as a quarry to be exploited for selfish and short-range economic reasons, but as a garden to be cultivated for the development of its own potentialities of the human adventure. The goal of this relationship is not the maintenance of the status quo, but the emergence of new phenomena and new values.”

Rene Dubos – (1901-1982)
Pulitzer Prize recipient
Rockefeller University


Extinct Attractions: