Test Track Pavilion



The Test Track Pavilion took over the Motion Pavilion after the first incarnation of the Test Track attraction opened in 1998. The main building has remained the same since the days of World of Motion, but it has been anchored by two different versions of Test Track since the change.

The large circular building is approximately 150,000 square feet and is home to Test Track, the Chevrolet Design Center post-show and the After Market Shop. The surrounding area includes the Cool Wash snack stand as well as other snack carts selling turkey legs and ice cream.


When EPCOT Center opened, the Motion pavilion was home to World of Motion, an attraction that was a lighthearted look at the history of vehicles. In 1998, the first version of Test Track opened in this building as guests played the role of crash test dummies as our slot cars were taken through a variety of different tests done at GM test facilities. In 2012, Test Track was refreshed to the current version where guests can design their own concept car and test it against a simulation car on the Test Track.

Throughout these changes, an automotive showroom has been featured as part of the post show of the attraction with a variety of other components rotating in and out through the years.