Mexico Pavilion



The Mexico Pavilion is dominated by the waterfront restaurants and the large Aztec Temple. Along the waterfront, guests can participate in table service dining at La Hacienda de San Angel or quick service dining at La Cantina de San Angel.

Inside the Aztec Temple, guests will find the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros. This indoor boat ride is guided by Donald Duck, Panchito and Jose Carioca through many scenes of Mexico. Also inside guests can discover the history of Mexico through the La Vida de Antigua exhibits or view the carved animals in the Animales Fantasticos exhibits.

A selection of offerings is available inside the Plaza de los Amigos ranging from instruments to sombreros. Other shops line the Plaza de los Amigos as does the La Cava Del Tequila bar. Smaller carts and meet and greet areas round out the pavilion outside of the temple.


Extinct Entertainment

Extinct Restaurants


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