The Village of Anandapur is one of two villages in the Asia section of the park. Signage in the area highlights actual attractions and shops as well as fictitious areas that either don’t exist or are represented by facades. This is dubbed the “Trekking Guide of Anandapur Township and it includes:

  1. Kali Rapids Expeditions
  2. Chakranadi Chicken Shop
  3. Surarsara Trekking
  4. Maharajah Jungle Trek
  5. Seven Summits Mt. Trekking
  6. Mandala Gifts
  7. Human Fit Tailors
  8. Mr. Panika’s Shop
  9. Anandapur Woodcarving
  10. Lalite Guest Lodge
  11. Leopard Lodge
  12. Assoc. for Tourism
  13. Kataka Tiger Camp
  14. Hotel Chituwa
  15. Relaxed Tourist Hosue
  16. Hotel Bukit

The area features shopping as well as the Kali River Rapids attraction and the Maharajah Jungle Trek walk through. Additionally, guests can enjoy table service dining at the Yak and Yeti, or quick service dining at multiple locations including the Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe. Lastly, guests can watch siamangs and gibbons play amongst the ruins on the water.


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Extinct Attractions:
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