WDWThemeParks.com is an aggregator of Walt Disney World information, news, and rumors. Our goal is to provide accurate information on all aspects of Walt Disney World.

We strive to properly source information for press releases, news items, and rumors. We appreciate any and all feedback regarding our information and sources.

We pride ourselves on our properly sourced “Rumor Trackers”. Rumors, by their very nature, can be deceiving. Our goal is to provide the full history of any rumor. We have developed our own system for evaluating a rumor’s credibility; each rumor will be tracked individually using our “Rumor Tracker”, which will be continually updated as new information becomes available.

Unfortunately, rumor classification is impossible to do perfectly. Our rumor classification system is intended to help our readers understand how likely it is that a particular rumor will come to fruition.

We classify rumors as follows:

  • Dead: A rumor is classified as “Dead” when multiple sources have indicated that the rumored plans are not being currently pursued. It is important to note, however, that ideas are never really “dead” at Disney and it’s entirely possible that any “dead” rumor could be revitalized at some point in the future.
  • Blue Sky: A rumor is classified as “Blue Sky” when it is supported only by a single public source, or multiple sources that are providing conflicting information. While rumors frequently contain misinformation, “Blue Sky” rumors typically refer to projects that Disney is seriously considering for development in some form, at some undefined point in the future.
  • In Development: Rumors classified as “In Development” have moved beyond the “Blue Sky” classification. These rumors have typically not been publicly confirmed by the company, but are supported by multiple public sources or a source that appears to have direct knowledge of the project. “In Development” rumors often have timelines and details that are less concrete than “Confirmed” rumors.
  • Confirmed: Rumors classified as “Confirmed” have been publicly confirmed by Disney or are supported by other objective evidence such as permit filings or other public records. There have been instances of Disney confirming a rumor and the project still not happening, but those situations are rare.
  • Completed: A rumor is classified as “Completed” when all aspects of the rumor have been completed.

The dark blue banner at the top of all rumor posts shows the classification of that rumor. There are situations where rumors may be split into multiple classifications. Those situations will be noted where applicable in the rumor narrative.