ABC’s Day of Coverage on Pandora: The World of AVATAR


Throughout the day, various ABC television shows will be offering different looks inside Pandora: The World of AVATAR. The programming began with Good Morning America showcasing a walk through Pandora, a glimpse of the food and a few more details on Flight of Passage.

Guests boarding Flight of Passage will be scanned and matched to their personal Avatar before donning their 3-D "riding goggles" and experiencing the ride. No views of the ride itself were shown, but the seating configuration pictured appeared to be similar to Soarin'.

Video from Good Morning America featuring a walk through of Pandora and a glimpse at Flight of Passage.

On The View, Avatar Director James Cameron joined Whoopi Goldberg for a tour of the new land. It appears that the first view of the land originates through rock work, but this could also have been a backstage area. Cameron also established the timeline for the land, which is a generation after all five Avatar movies take place. At this period of time there is no conflict between the Na'vi and the humans. Together, they walked through the Mo'ara floating mountains before experiencing the Na'vi River Journey.

On The Chew, they introduced a snack offering called Lumpia that will be available at the Pongu Pongu kiosk inside the land.

The last ABC show to offer a sneak peak at Pandora: The World of AVATAR was Nightline. The show offered a different guided tour with James Cameron and Joe Rohde that showcased the land and the Na'vi River Journey.

The footage also shows longer cuts of Nightline's Paula Faris and Avatar's Producer Jonathan Landau on Flight of Passage. The footage does showcase the unique seating configuration of the attraction where it appears that guests sit in a motor cycle seat similar to the Tron Lightcycle Run in Shanghai DIsneyland.

March 9, 2017: In a press release, Disney confirmed that on Flight of Passage guests will feel the banshee breathe beneath them and that each reed boat on Na'vi River Journey can seat 8 guests.