The below are tips to achieve higher scores on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

First Room (Robots)

The large robot on the left hand side of the track has a target on the robot's left hand (right side if you're facing the robot). That target is worth 100,000 points.

On the right side of the track there is a claw suspended from the ceiling, the target on the claw is one of the higher value targets in the ride as well.

Second Room (Volcano)

This room features a prominent volcano on the back wall on the right side of the track. The top target on the volcano is worth 25,000 points.

Third Room (First Evil Emperor Zurg)

This room features Zurg on the right side of the track. At the bottom of Zurg's spaceship there is a target worth 100,000 points. The target is directly below the word "Pitiful" on Zurg's spaceship.

Fourth Room (Speed Tunnel)

The next room is the speed tunnel and has no visible targets. However if you keep firing your gun you will continue to accumulate a few hundred points in the tunnel.

Fifth Room (Second Evil Emperor Zurg)

Zurg appears in his spaceship after the Speed Tunnel, and the bottom target (below the word "Pitiful") is one of the higher value targets in the ride. At this point guests are no longer allowed to spin their ride vehicles.

Final Room

There are targets on the wall that can be hit even after the spinning has been disengaged.