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Donald's Boat was an interactive fountain/play area designed for both children and adults. It was featured in photo references in other areas of Mickey's Toontown Fair like Mickey and Minnie's Country House. The boat plays up the angle that Donald Duck was a sailor.


Disney Description

Disney had a series of rules posted at the entrance to Donald's Boat

  • No food or beverages on wet deck
  • No glass in the fenced pool area
  • Capacity: 60 persons
  • Children under the age of 12 must have adult supervision.
  • Do not swallow the fountain water, it is recirculated.
  • Do not use fountain if you are ill with diarrhea.
  • For safety, diaper age children must wear swim diapers
  • Restrooms located at Pete's Garage next to Minnie's House


Donald's Boat was located between the Toontown Farmer's Market and the Toontown Fair Station.


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Times Guide – Opening/Closing

This typically opened with Mickey's Toontown Fair, 1 hour after park opening.


Before you Ride

If the fountains are running, you will probably get wet.


Queue Notes

The short queue was made to represent a dock that led to Donald's Boat. It featured large red wooden posts that were linked together with netting and a wooden walking surface.



Officially known as The Miss Daisy, the cartoon stylized boat featured red, white, blue and yellow coloring on the exterior. Donald's shirt and hat hung prominently above the boat on the empty lines for the sails. Daisy was featured prominently on the bow (front) of the boat.

A map on the inside of the boat was drawn by Professor Ludwig Von Drake of "Old Duck and the Sea" Enterprises" and featured many duck related puns and images like:

  • Mount Quack More
  • Fowl Forest and Fowl Falls
  • The Quack Sea
  • Quackatoa
  • Feathery Fjords

A wheel featured the sign "Captain Donald Duck" and guests could not only spin the wheel but also pull a rope to play the ship's horn. The surrounding area of the boat was designed to look like water and had a sponge like texture around the fountain areas.


Historical Notes

Closed February 11, 2011 - This was the last day of operation.


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