Mickey's Toontown Fair began in June of 1988 as Mickey's Birthdayland to celebrate Mickey Mouse's 60th Birthday. What was originally designed as a temporary land, Mickey's Birthdayland would later become Mickey's Starland in May of 1990. It then changed once again in 1996 to Mickey's Toontown Fair.

Disney went to the extent of explaining the Toontown back story as the "Country Homes" of Mickey, Minnie and friends. You see, Mickey and Minnie live in Toontown over in California, and it wouldn't make sense for them to have a home in both Florida and California. For that reason, the Imagineers went to the extent of creating the backstory for Mickey's Toontown Fair as the country home of the famous mouse couple.

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Historical Notes

Opened June 1988

Renamed Mickey's Birthdayland May 1990

Renamed Mickey's Toontown Fair 1996

Closed February 11, 2011 - This was the last day of operation.