Backstage Magic with Mickey Mouse gives guests the opportunity to meet Mickey Mouse backstage of his Magic Show. The Magic Show isn't really happening, but the interior of the queue and the decor of the meet and greet area are intricately themed to maintain this premise.


Disney Description

Meet the Master Magician as he prepares for his next program of baffling illusion.



Located inside the Town Square Theater to the left of Box Office Gifts


Fastpass+ Notes

Backstage Magic with Mickey Mouse is one of the low range demand Fastpass+ reservations in the park. Availability will exist well into the day, and unless it's used midday it will not be a considerable time savings.


Queue Notes

The queue features many artifacts one might find backstage at a magic show. Mickey is presented in his magician's outfit. It features real life versions of props from Mickey's cartoon career.



Guests can meet with Mickey in his rehearsal room. Mickey can talk and interact with guests of all ages.