B - Minor Attraction

Height Requirement


Disney Warnings

Supervise children at all times.

Remain seated with hands, arms feet and legs inside the vehicle

Children under age 7 years must be accompanied by a person age 14 years or older.

Extra Warnings

Guests who are prone to motion sickness should use caution.


Mad Tea Party is a traditional teacup ride where guests spin in a giant teacup celebrating the Merry Unbirthday scene from Alice in Wonderland.


Disney Description

There is no Disney Description for this attraction.



Located between the Winnie the Pooh Meet and Greet area (A Place for Friends to Meet) and the track for Tomorrowland Speeday.


Appeals To

Children and people that like to get dizzy.


Times Guide – Opening/Closing

This attraction opens with the park.


Fastpass+ Notes

Mad Tea Party typically does not require a Fastpass+ reservation except on the busiest days of the year.


Vehicle Description

Each vehicle is an oversized teacup that can seat 3-4 guests each. The individual teacups can be spun at the discretion of the rider, each teacup is on one of three rotating platforms, and the three rotating platforms are on a larger rotating platform.



The Mad Tea Party is intended to celebrate the Very Merry Unbirthday Party from Alice in Wonderland. As guests board giant teacups they see paper lanterns hanging from the roof. The eighteen teacups circle a center teapot and the Dormouse can periodically be seen peaking out of the teapot.

The attraction begins with the voice of Alice explaining the attraction as well as providing a safety spiel:

Well hello there!
Welcome to our Unbirthday Party
For your safety, please remain seated with your hands, arms feet and legs inside while your teacup, and please watch your children.
To spin your teacup, just turn the silver wheel to the right or to the left. The faster you turn it, the faster it spins.
It seems like our ride is about to begin. Have a most wonderful time. Ta ta!

As the narration finishes, the music plays in the background and the teacups begin to spin. The entire platform spins, and then each group of six teacups also spins. The center wheel can control the spinning of the individual teacup as well.

Alice returns at the end of the attraction with additional instructions and a goodbye:

Please remain seated until your teacup comes to a stop, then walk to the nearest exit. Bye bye!


Technical Notes

The attraction was manufactured by Arrow Designs.


Historical Notes

The attraction debuted with the park without a roof. The roof was added in 1974 along with the rotating teapot in the center.


Similar Attractions

There are no similar attractions in Walt Disney World, however the guest controlled spinning component can also be found in Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.


Street Address

1340 Magic Kingdom Drive