A location that specializes in selling beads that are made out of recycled Disney Park Maps. The prices are as follows:

  • Necklaces: $20.00
  • Chokers: $15.00
  • Earrings: $7.00
  • Anklets: $12.00
  • Bracelets: $10.00

Disney Description

Recycling Disney Paper into Beads

  • Disney guide maps and other outdated Disney paper products are collected here at Walt Disney World.
  • Hand selected, colorful papers are then recycled by being shipped to Uganda, Africa where they are hand rolled into unique beads.
  • Each bead represents the care and craftsmanship of its artist.
  • The extremely durable, water resistant paper beads are then returned to Walt Disney World where guests can choose their own beads and string their own works of art.


Located on the Germany side of the Outpost, to the right of the Mdundo Kibanda shop.