Visit the summer home of Anna and Elsa as the meet with guests in a Norwegian cottage.



Located to the left of The Wandering Reindeer shop


Times Guide – Opening/Closing

This location opens with the park.


Queue Notes

The queue is themed like a Norwegian cottage. Inside are multiple rooms with games and detail all representative of Norwegian decor.

The first part of the queue features a large hearth/fire place with additional details like a grandfather clock and snow shows. Tapestries line the walls including one that pays tribute to the three headed troll from the now extinct Maelstrom attraction.

The doors and ceilings feature painted detail and bookshelves feature a collection of Anna and Elsa's books and toys.



The backstory of the Royal Sommerhus is shared partially with the backstory of Frozen Ever After. Anna and Elsa's family would spend time at their summer house as children and the area retains much of that childhood decoration.


Significant Personnel

Wyatt Winter - Imagineering