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Spice Road Table is a tapas restaurant along the Moroccan waterfront that specializes in Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine.

The location is inspired by the outdoor cafes along the Mediterranean. It blends in with the surrounding shops to create a marketplace of sorts. The exterior offers views of the lagoon during the day and Illuminations viewing at night. Inside, Moroccan light fixtures, tapestries, and other decorations complete the theme. The experience is also highlighted by Moroccan music and belly dancers. It also includes a full bar available to both restaurant guests as well as guests just looking for a drink.

The covered outdoor seating area has a capacity of 92, while the interior section has a capacity of 72.

Guests can order drinks at the bar, or sit down and enjoy food as well.



Located along the waterfront of the Morocco Pavilion to the left of Souk-Al Magreb


Times Guide – Opening/Closing

  • Lunch: 11:30 AM - 3:55 PM
  • Dinner: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM