Inside Beverly Sunset, guests can find Toy Story and other Pixar merchandise as well as pre-packaged snacks.

Specific toys include a Slinky Dog Dash & Dodge Power Boost Set that features spinning flames and "launching vehicle action." For Alien Swirling Saucers, there are three pullback toys resembling vehicles from the attraction.

The marquee for Beverly Sunset also refers to the location as Tinseltown Trinket.

The shop's exterior is inspired by the 1931 Warner Beverly Hills Theater at 9404 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.



Located to the left of Reel Vogue, there is an interior connection between the two locations



The interior of Beverly Sunset is intended to be a theater setup.


Historical Notes

The location previously held a bakery known as Sweet Spells. The bakery location closed in April of 2018 before the location changed into a shop specializing in Toy Story and Pixar characters.