Pandora: The World of AVATAR is inspired by the 2009 James Cameron movie, Avatar. Guests enter the Valley of Mo'ara where they encounter interactive plant life in the bioluminescent forest as well as floating mountains.

Tour guides from Alpha Centurai Expeditions (ACE) have colonized the area and made peace with the Na'vi after years of conflict. The time frame of the land takes place a generation after the original Avatar movie and it's four sequels. The conflict between humans and Na'vi is over, but remnants of the conflict can be found throughout the land.

As guests enter the land from Discovery Island, they encounter a large Pandoran plant called a Baja Tickler. The plant helps detoxify the atmosphere and helps humans breath in the otherwise poisonous air.

The land features a snack stand called Pongu Pongu where guests can get offerings exclusive to Pandora. A quickservice restaurant called Satuli Cateen offers a wider selection of food inspired by the movie.

The two main attractions in the land are Na'vi River Journey and Flight of Passage. Na'vi River Journey is a nighttime boat ride through the bioluminescent forests of Pandora culminating with an encounter with a Na'vi Shaman. Flight of Passage allows guests to link with their Avatar and ride a banshee outside of the confines of the Valley of Mo'ara.

Throughout the land guests can enjoy the Na'vi drum circle, Navi totems, and interactive walkways and foliage.


Technical Notes

The land is 12 acres in size and the floating mountains reach heights of 143' tall.


Historical Notes

The land was first announced in September of 2011 and opened in May of 2017. It took the footpring of the former Camp Minnie Mickey area as well as adjacent plots intended for the Beastly Kingdom Expansion.