Projection Show


C - Major Attraction






Every night, the animal carvings awaken in a series of different shows on the Tree of Life.



Located on the Tree of Life along the side facing the front of the park.


Appeals To

Guests of all ages.


Show Schedule

The show has no set schedule and operates continuously beginning at dusk.



Shortly before sunset, the Tree of Life transitions into it's nighttime mode. Most of the time the projections sit idly with smaller movements projected onto the existing carvings periodically. These could be lighting changes or a single carving coming to life.

Every 15-20 minutes, one of four different short projection shows will be displayed. The four larger shows last roughly five minutes each and include a selection of scenes inspired by classic Disney movies and music.

Each of the longer scenes is accompanied by music and the initial lighting effect begins with fireflies bursting through the tree of life. One scene features a deer chasing a bird through the forest. Another scenes features a red fox playing in the tree, snow and with other animals. A third scene features a pair of hummingbirds pollinating flowers throughout the trunk of the Tree of Life. Additional hummingbirds join them and together they illuminate the entire tree with pictures of wolves.

Another scene highlights a wider selection of animals. It begins with quick projections of a large stag deer, a hummingbird and a raccoon before clearing out for a younger deer prancing through a rainy forest with a rabbit. This is followed by dinosaurs, then gorillas playing in the water. A black panther walks by before giving way to an ocean scene and a school of fish that pay subtle tribute to Finding Nemo and the moon fish. The scene returns to land as butterflies fly by, a panther walks through the forest, and an orangutan swings across the trees. A bear and snake follow as a tie to the Jungle Book. The butterflies aid the transition into a savannah scene featuring giraffes, followed by an image of a lion, paying tribute to The Lion King.

Some of the shorter scenes include thick grasses growing up the trunk of the Tree of Life and then slowly descending, rain flowing down the tree, various color changing effects,


Similar Attractions

Digital mapping of the Tree of Life was done to achieve the projection effects in this show. This is similar to the Celebrate the Magic projection show on Cinderella Castle.




Significant Personnel

Music by Andrew Lockington