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Harambe Market is a quick service dining location that offers a wide selection of offerings in four separate dining windows. The area is themed like a 1960s era train depot and back marketplace of East Africa. It continues the theming of the Harambe Village and has seating for over 200 guests.

The windows each have different "owners" and the individual owners level of success can be determined by additional details such as how detailed their sign is. The windows are as follows:

  • Kitamu Grill - Offers skewered chicken and a kabob flatbread sandwich.
  • Boerewors Famous Sausages - Offers a corn dog, South African sausage (boerewors)
  • Chef Mwanga's - Offers a spice-rubbed karubi rib with green papaya-carrot slaw
  • Wanjohi Refreshments - Offers a selection of beverages including six South African wines, Safari Amber Lager, Orlando Brewing I-4 IPA, red sangria with Van der Hum tangerine liqueur from South Africa, The Starr of Harambe, a frozen drink with Starr African rum with mango puree in a souvenir mug, non alcoholic tangerine lemonade, fountain beverages, Sparberry from Zimbabwe and Bibo from South Africa.

All food offerings are available at the three different food windows, however the drinks window only offers drinks.



Located between the exit to Kilimanjaro Safaris and the pathway between Africa and Asia.


Times Guide – Opening/Closing

This location typically opens at 11:00 AM and remains open up to an hour before park closing.


Significant Personnel


  • Joan Hartwig - Creative Director
  • Emily O'Brien

Food and Beverage

  • Lenny DeGeorge - Executive Chef